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child custody and parenting plans

Child custody and co-parenting agreements are one of the most complex and emotionally charged part of any family law practice. You want the best for your children, and your idea of what that looks like might vary significantly from that of their other parent. Even in relatively friendly separations it is wise to make use of professional legal council when negotiating custody agreements, and absolutely necessary when these agreements break down into hostilities. The judge in your case will be doing her best to determine the best outcome for the child, and may consult with any number of specialists in addition to both parents as part of that procedure.

We have extensive experience fighting for the parental rights of a diverse clientele, and will ensure that your voice is clearly heard during these proceedings. The conversations and interviews involved in custody hearings can be useful for the judge, but may be confusing for a parent who is simply trying to do the best for their kids. The attorneys at Thorpe law will help you navigate this struggle successfully.

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